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Publication Date: 1 Nov 2007
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 144
Author: David Adam
ISBN-13: 9780281057757

Living in Two Kingdoms

By David Adam
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Helps us recognize that the visible world of matter and the invisible world of spirit are not two worlds but one. This book contains chapters that end with mediations, readings and prayers.
About the Author
The Revd Canon David Adam is one of the best-loved figures in Celtic spirituality. The author of many successful books, he was for thirteen years Vicar of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. He continues to lecture, speak and act as a spiritual director.
Press Reviews

This is a wise and valuable book by a very experienced pastor and man of prayer.

- Revd Douglas Dales

Thoughtfully presented, each chapter ends with meditations, readings and prayers and is designed to ensure time is set aside on a regular basis to truly discover and feel the presence of God and experience for ourselves the invisible but discernible spirituality that surrounds us.

- Lynne McNeil

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