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Publication Date: 18 Aug 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 64
Author: Kenneth Steven
ISBN-13: 9780281076703, 9780281076710

Letting in the Light

By Kenneth Steven
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ISBN: 9780281076703
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ISBN: 9780281076710
In this intimate new collection, the Christian poet Kenneth Steven reflects on bereavement, marital breakdown, the pain of separation from his beloved young daughter and the search for ‘home’. Previously his poetry has focused on the natural world. Now he finds himself struggling to address his harrowing circumstances, and it becomes clear that the words he needs will only be found by journeying inside to a deeply personal place. What emerges through the testing of faith is that most ancient of healing truths: darkness and pain open the way to hope and healing . . . it’s when we are broken, we let in the light.

'A gentle light from an unseen source pours into the distilling simplicity of these poems.' Mark Oakley, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral
About the Author
Kenneth Steven is one of Scotland’s leading poets and several of his collections have been published to date: Island, Iona, Making the Known World New, Salt and Light, Columba, Imagining Things, Wild Horses, The Missing Days, Evensong and Coracle. He also writes novels and illustrated stories for children, and his The Dog’s Nose (published in Norwegian, English and French) won the Norwegian Government’s Award for Picture Books. Marylebone House publishes The Well of the North Wind, set on sixth-century Iona, in January 2016.
Press Reviews

A gentle light from an unseen source pours into the distilling simplicity of these poems.

- Mark Oakley, Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral

Coracle (SPCK, 2014) Coracle adds memorably to the fine work Steven has already developed.

- Martin Halsall

Evensong (SPCK, 2011) This collection of poems by Kenneth Steven is stunning. There is a grave beauty in these lines, revealing a poetic voice of great sensitivity . . . quite simply, wonderful.

- Alexander McCall Smith

Columba Poems (St Andrew Press, 2005) ‘Enjoying [Kenneth Steven’s work] intensely – style and subject.

- Ted Hughes

I believe Letting in the Light- so much living expressed, miraculously in so few words – will reach an even wider audience. There is so much joy in its pages. We thank Kenneth Steven for his honesty in sharing his journey with us.

- John Dempster,

[The poems] circle down through image and gentle rhythms to a place of inner calm, a place well worth encountering.

- Progressive Voices

[His language is] skilful and condensed [with] layers of insight.

- Julian Meetings magazine, April 2017

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