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Publication Date: 18 Aug 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 32
Author: Fiona Veitch Smith
ISBN-13: 9780281074693, 9780281074761

Joseph and the Jealous Brothers

By Fiona Veitch Smith
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ISBN: 9780281074693
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In the second book in the Young Joseph series, Joseph's brothers grow more and more jealous of their favoured brother. They come up with a cunning plan to take Joseph down a peg or two by throwing him in a well to give him a fright. Eventually they sell him to passing slave traders but that's not the end of his story!
About the Author
Fiona Veitch Smith is the author of the Young David series (SPCK, 2015) and has also published detective fiction with Lion Hudson. She lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne with her husband, daughter and dog and also lectures in creative writing and journalism.
Andy Catling (illustrator) lives in Hampshire with his two children who love to sneak into their dad's room and draw all over his clothes! He studied at Norwich School of Art where he acquired the skills to animate and digitally render his work. When Andy is not working he enjoys reading historical novels and soaking up stories and ideas.
Press Reviews

Praise for the Young David series: A superb new series for primary-school children ... It stirred my own limp faith, let along my three-year-old's burgeoning spirituality. It was moving, too, to hear my child's voice so clearly in David's many phrases: "Dear God, why doesn't anyone want to play with me?", or in the eager question, "Will I get a crown?" after his anointing - so well does the author understand the modern child.

- Jemima Thackeray

Praise for David and the Hairy Beast: Absolutely fantastic! Our boys love this book - highly recommended.

- Amazon review

Praise for David and the Hairy Beast: Delightful tale for the very young ... this story of typical childhood fears is sensitively and humorously explored using lively, vivid text ... and beautiful illustrations.

- Amazon review

What a beautiful book! Fiona Veitch Smith introduces us to the young Joseph with obvious affection and careful attention to Scripture. She weaves a wonderful moral tale which children will adore and want to come back to over and over again. Andy Catling’s illustrations complement the story perfectly, bringing the characters yet more alive. I especially loved all the antics of the cows on Jacob’s farm! The words and pictures both deserve many revisits, and this will soon become a firm favourite in any household with young children. A masterclass in how to bring a Bible story to life for youngsters. Am buying this book for my nephew (3) and my niece (5), who will love it! Very highly recommended!

- MS. K. R. Dibbens

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