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Publication Date: 18 Jun 2015
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Author: NT Wright
ISBN-13: 9780281074051, 9780281074068

Jesus and the Victory of God (reissue)

By NT Wright
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ISBN: 9780281074051
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Wright sets out in fascinating detail his own compelling account of how Jesus himself understood his mission: how he believed himself called to remake Israel, the people of God, around himself; how he announced God’s judgement on the Israel of his day, especially its Temple and hierarchy; and how he saw his own movement as the divinely ordained fulfilment of Israel’s destiny.
About the Author
N. T. Wright is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He is the author of over seventy books, including the ‘For Everyone’ guides to the New Testament and, most recently, Creation, Power and Truth, Finding God in the Psalms, The Meal Jesus Gave Us, Surprised by Scripture, Simply Good News and Paul and the Faithfulness of God.
Press Reviews

· No one could read this without learning something fresh about almost every verse of the Synoptics, and being provoked into new wrestling with the text....

- Rowan Williams, Church Times

‘For Wright the gospels give us historical stories with theological significance.’
‘Wright is willing to play the critical scholar’s game, but is going to do so in order to come to more orthodox conclusions.’

‘His vision is to pursue historical study in order to better understand the theological issues and questions that arise from Jesus life and ministry.’

‘Wright expounds the nature of stories and worldviews and illuminates the relationship between the two.’

‘…Wright’s extended attempt at a total paradigm shift for the way you read the Gospels.’

‘Wright is endeavouring to firmly root Jesus in the first century Jewish world and in the role of a prophet.’

‘Wright does a good job of demonstrating that understanding the nature of the Temple is a prerequisite to understanding Jesus’ mission.’

‘Wright summarizes the aims and beliefs of Jesus and shows how they all hang together for a single, multi-faceted purpose.’

‘I’m grateful for N. T. Wright’s painstaking reconstruction of the background context and his exegesis of the Gospels.’

‘Wright’s extensive exegesis was very useful for making sense of some of the parables.’

‘This is a great book for anyone serious about New Testament studies to wrestle through.’

‘A straight historical investigation with some theological flavouring.’

‘Wright is…a compelling writer.’

‘A gifted writer and a gifted scholar serving the church.’

- Nate Claiborne

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