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Publication Date: 29 Apr 1993
Format: Paperback
Series: International Study Guides
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 256
Author: Michael J. Hunter
ISBN-13: 9780281046270

ISG 30: A Guide to Jeremiah

By Michael J. Hunter
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Some students regard Jeremiah as among the more formidable books of the Old Testament. Yet anyone reading or hearing news headlines today will find much that is familiar in the prophet's diatribes against the evils of his time. Injustice and corruption among the leaders of the nation, wars and violence, greed, self-seeking, oppression and exploitation of the poor by the rich, and above all false worship of "idols" instead of obedience to the true God who had promised his people peace and plenty. The guide draws out the main themes of the book and points up the relevance of its message for modern-day Christians, with special notes on the editorial and historical background and on Jeremiah's understanding of God. There are maps, a time chart, topical photographs and suggestions for further study.

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