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Publication Date: 17 Nov 2011
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Chris Leonard
ISBN-13: 9780281062058, 9780281066964

Is God for Real?

Signposts And Stories For People Who Wonder
By Chris Leonard
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ISBN: 9780281062058
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ISBN: 9780281066964
There are moments in life when the everyday is touched by something more glorious than we usually encounter. The beauty of a summer dawn, the kindness of a stranger, the comfort of feeling held during a time of great personal difficulty - perhaps an experience like this has got us wondering. Perhaps it has got us thinking about God. Is God for Real? is the question many struggle with. So Chris Leonard spoke to people from all kinds of backgrounds and asked them to explain how their relationship with God works out in practice, during crises, but mainly in normal, everyday life. The stories she has gathered together - of real personal experience - will be an encouragement to us whether we have know God for many years, or are just feeling our way to a trusting relationship with him.
About the Author
Chris Leonard tutors creative-writing course and holidays. She has written for both children and adults - mainly biographies and devotional works, and contributes regular Bible-reading notes.

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