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Publication Date: 15 Sep 2016
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 256
Author: John Dougill
ISBN-13: 9780281075522, 9780281075539

In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians

A Story Of Suppression, Secrecy And Survival
By John Dougill
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ISBN: 9780281075522
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In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians is a remarkable story of suppression, secrecy and survival in the face of human cruelty and God’s apparent silence. Part history, part travelogue, it explores and seeks to explain a clash of civilizations—of East and West—that resonates to this day.

For seven generations, Japan’s ‘Hidden Christians’ preserved a faith that was forbidden on pain of death. Just as remarkably, descendants of the Hidden Christians continue to practise their beliefs today, refusing to rejoin the Catholic Church. Why? And what is it about Japanese culture that makes it so resistant to Western Christianity?
About the Author
John Dougill grew up in Grimsby, UK, and has spent most of his life abroad. He now lives in Kyoto, Japan, where he is Professor of British Studies at Ryukoku University. As a teacher, he spent three years in the Middle East and seven years in Oxford before moving to Japan in 1986. In addition to his listed titles, he has produced twelve Japanese college textbooks.
Press Reviews

In Search of Japan’s Hidden Christians is one of the most compelling books on Japan in recent years. The story of Japan’s Hidden Christians is one of the least known and most interesting aspects of Japanese history, and Dougill brings the story to life brilliantly.

‘Eloquently written, with surprises around every corner, In Search of Japan’s Hidden Christians is an engaging read.’

- Japan Times

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