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Publication Date: 19 Mar 2009
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Michael Sadgrove
ISBN-13: 9780281059874, 9780281063147

I Will Trust in You

A Companion To The Evening Psalms
By Michael Sadgrove
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ISBN: 9780281059874
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ISBN: 9780281063147
In the informative introduction to this beautifully written companion to the Evening Cycle of Psalms (as set out in the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer), Michael Sadgrove reminds us that the Psalms have been central to public worship and personal prayer for the entire history of the church. They are indeed one of the world's greatest spiritual treasures, 'full of heartfelt utterances', in the words of Martin Luther, and as vital a source of comfort, challenge and inspiration to people of faith today as they have ever been. I Will Trust in You will greatly benefit anyone who wishes to engage more deeply with their riches.
About the Author
Michael Sadgrove is Dean of Durham. He has written on a range of theological subjects, and is the author of The Eight Words of Jesus (2006) and Wisdom and Ministry: The call to leadership (2008), both published by SPCK.

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