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Publication Date: 17 Aug 2017
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: Katharine Welby-Roberts
ISBN-13: 9780281075768, 9780281075775

I Thought There Would Be Cake

By Katharine Welby-Roberts
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Growing up, Katharine Welby-Roberts imagined that being an adult was one big party. But depression, anxiety and crippling self-doubt led her to alienate herself from others. To replay events and encounters as nightmares. Occasionally, to be unable to leave the house.

Aware of the cacophony of voices in her head, Katharine invites us to join her as she journeys to the depths of her soul. Here, with instinctive honesty and humour, she confronts the parts of her story that hinder her most.

As she charts a course that offers ways of coping with everyday issues, we are encouraged to embrace our own self-worth. To recognize the value of our existence. To let ourselves be loved. Exactly as we are.

‘Brilliantly honest, often funny and wonderfully readable’
Martin Saunders, Youthscape

‘Wholly authentic in the face of suffering and struggle’
Will van der Hart, The Mind and Soul Foundation
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About the Author
Katharine Welby-Roberts speaks and writes about issues relating to mental and emotional health, and the wider context of how the church responds to those in suffering. She is married to Mike and they live in Reading with their baby son Elijah. Much of her time is taken up occupying Elijah and drinking tea with other mums, but outside of those things she loves a good steak, comic book films and wine.
Press Reviews

Everyone should read this book: a gentle, humorous Lamentations for the twenty-first century. Katharine models a rich faith, wholly authentic in the face of suffering and struggle. You will laugh, cry and gasp . . . most importantly you will grow.

- Will van der Hart, The Mind and Soul Foundation

Brilliantly honest, often funny and wonderfully readable . . . akin to having a great friend round for coffee and talking in the frankest terms about God, real life, an the sometimes confusing relationship between the two. For those facing all manner of personal challenges, Katharine doesn't offer empty platitudes . . . . she stands right there alongside you in the darkest depths of the tunnel and gently encourages you towards the light.

- Martin Saunders, Youthsacpe

Readable, funny . . . moving

- The Times

This is rather a brave book. It takes courage to offer the kind of transparency with which Katherine Welby-Roberts writes about her inner vulnerability and turmoil
Katherine’s style is open and conversational, she could be sitting down with the reader over a cup of tea.
Yet in sharing these struggles, she speaks with humour and with an absence of self-indulgence or sanctimonious piety.
Being so accessible, anyone who identifies with Katherine’s particular version of inner quicksand will find a friend here. Others, who find the account of such internal chaos mystifying, might do well to listen.

- Sarum College Bookshop Newsletter

an amazingly honest and soul-baring book

- Sarah Hillman

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