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Publication Date: 17 Sep 2015
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 144
Author: Simon Taylor
ISBN-13: 9780281073801, 9780281073818

How to Read the Bible (Without Switching Off Your Brain)

By Simon Taylor
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ISBN: 9780281073801
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Bible reading for everyone – that’s what this book offers! It will speak to those who already read the Bible but find themselves asking why; and to those who don’t read the Bible but would like to if only it weren’t so strange. It explains what the Bible is, offers an overview of what is found in it, and addresses questions people ask, such as:
Does science disprove the Bible?
Why is there so much violence in the Bible?
What does the Bible say about sex?
The author also presents an account of reading the Bible in the context of a life of faith and suggests how the Bible might be integrated with a life of prayer.
About the Author
Simon Taylor is Canon Chancellor of Derby Cathedral and Continuing Ministerial Development Officer for the Diocese of Derby. He is also a member of the General Synod of the Church of England. Previously he
was a parish priest in Bristol and a university lecturer in Sheffield. He holds a D.Phil. in Theology from the University of Oxford.
Press Reviews

WHEN the author of a book entitled How to Read the BIBLE (without switching off your BRAIN) (SPCK, £9.99) declares that his favourite biblical film blockbuster is “Life of Brian”, it is likely that he may bring a fresh approach to a well-covered field of research. Simon Taylor, Canon Chancellor of Derby Cathedral and Continuing Ministerial Development officer for the Diocese of Derby, has certainly done that, as he gathers together talks delivered at St Mary Redcliffe Bristol, and Derby Cathedral into his 130-page manual. As well as recounting the history of the Bible’s compilation, he discusses the “difficult subjects” of money and sex (including the joy expressed in the Song of Songs and not shying away from the subordination of women as advocated in parts of the New Testament) and its use of marriage to mirror our relationship with God. Contemporary problems with the story of creation are tackled by means of “the value of ‘true’ ” and Simon Taylor confesses that some examples of violence in the Bible present him with difficulty. He stresses the importance of honesty in “effective wrestling with the Bible” and this book contains all the tools for the job.

- Margaret Daniels

Taylor gives the reader an excellent introduction to the Bible – what it is, how it came about and how to read it – all told in light and lucid prose ... A refreshing work, short and to the point. It is down to earth and practical, stripping away centuries of pious accretions.

- Timothy Kinahan

There are some real nuggets of wisdom in the book. This is a book for mature confirmands, for those who are discerning vocations, for befuddled students, or for anyone who wants to renew the adventure.

- The Revd Dr Matt Bullimore, Vicar of Royston, and Priest-in-Charge of Falkirk, in the diocese of Leeds

It ought to be in all church libraries and bookstalls.

- Modern Believing, Vol. 58(1)

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