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Publication Date: 1 Nov 2008
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: Ronni Lamont
ISBN-13: 9780281060764

The God Who Leads Us on

Story Meditations On Salvation
By Ronni Lamont
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Bible stories can seem so familiar that we fail to connect with the lives and characters they reveal. How did Sarai really feel about God's call to seventy-five year old Abram to leave everything homely and familiar behind? What was it like being an Israelite as God's plagues were raining down on the Egyptians? How can we recapture the bewilderment and wonder of Mary and Joseph obediently playing their parts in the purposes of God? What must it have been like, as one of the poor unfortunates cast aside by society, to have your life instantly transformed by the healing love of Jesus? Or to witness Peter, the oaf who was always saying the wrong thing, becoming the rock on which the church is built?In reflecting on the frailties, uncertainties and mysteries of the human experience, these lively and provocative story meditations offer real insight into the nature of salvation. Each is followed by suggestions, which individuals or groups may use, for contemplation and prayer.
About the Author
THE REVD RONNI LAMONT worked for many years as a teacher and spent 16 years in Parish ministry, most recently at St John the Evangelist in Bexley. She has a wealth of training and development experience, and specializes in creativity and innovation, children's spirituality and pastoral training (see She is the author of the widely acclaimed Understanding Children Understanding God, also published by SPCK.

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