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Publication Date: 20 Feb 2014
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 112
Author: Enzo Bianchi
ISBN-13: 9780281069590, 9780281069606

God Where Are You?

By Enzo Bianchi
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ISBN: 9780281069590
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ISBN: 9780281069606
God, where are you' This has been the cry of humankind since creation. Of course, it is the divine within us who really poses the question, and when we truly begin to search for an answer, we will discover that God is already looking for us! In this brilliantly illuminating volume, Enzo Bianchi reasons that, above all, the story of God is the story of his relationship with his people. In order to help us get to know this God of our fathers, he analyses a number of encounters between the Lord and significant figures in the Old Testament. The author suggests we can be challenged to question our own certainties like Abraham, suffer torment like Jacob, or falter and become discouraged in the face of a daunting task like Moses. The search for God involves exploring what is profoundly human, and the greatest manifestation of humanity is to be found in the figure of Christ. That is why we cannot think of God today without turning our minds to Jesus.
About the Author
Enzo Bianchi was born in Castel Boglione, Piedmont, Italy, in 1943. In 1965, after graduating from the University of Turin, he founded an ecumenical monastic community – the Bose Community – of which he is still the prior. A well-known author of books on lectio divina and the spiritual life, which have been translated into many languages, Fr Bianchi has dedicated himself to the search for spirituality capable of giving vitality to Christians today and furthering communion among all people.
Press Reviews

On Enzo Bianchi’s previous title, Words of Spirituality (2012):
Fresh and original . . . Bianchi’s insight and gentle, intelligent approach remained with me long after reading.

- Christianity

Enzo Bianchi is one of the most significant Christian voices in Europe . . . His is a perspective that the English-speaking Christian world should welcome enthusiastically.

- Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, from the series Foreword

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