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Publication Date: 21 Mar 2013
Page Count: 276
Author: Tony Campolo
ISBN-13: 9780281069330, 9780281069347

God of Intimacy and Action, The

Reconnecting Ancient Spiritual Practices, Evangelism And Justice
By Tony Campolo
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ISBN: 9780281069330
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ISBN: 9780281069347
The God of Intimacy and Action reveals how contemplative spiritual practices can lead to greater intimacy with God and fuel passion for reaching out to others, through spreading the Good News and fostering justice for the poor and oppressed. The authors show why this combination is not only crucial but historical: it is vividly demonstrated in the lives of saints such as St Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, and Catherine of Siena. Campolo and Darling explain mystical spirituality and its practices and integrate them with evangelism and justice to illuminate what they call 'holistic Christianity'. They suggest specific ways to nurture and energize one's spirituality and show how to go beyond living a Christian life that merely emphasizes right beliefs and right behaviours.
About the Author
Tony Campolo is professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University, noted author of many books, and a national media commentator on religion, society, and politics. Mary Albert Darling, Associate Professor of Communication at Spring Arbor University, is a Protestant who has been trained in spiritual direction in the Jesuit tradition.

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