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Publication Date: 16 Feb 2012
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 96
Author: Cally Hammond
ISBN-13: 9780281064298, 9780281067008

Glorious Christianity

Walking By Faith In The Life To Come
By Cally Hammond
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ISBN: 9780281064298
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ISBN: 9780281067008
This book is about Christian truth and Christian hope. In particular, it takes the primary, foundational belief of Christianity - the resurrection - and asks how we can first make sense of it, and then live it for ourselves in the modern world. It is helpful here to think of the resurrection as the heart of a many-rayed sun. From the flaming heart proceed all kinds of hopes and beliefs which a Christian takes on through an act of faith. So one aim of this book is to make clear what Christians actually do think and believe about the resurrection itself. In particular, it will look at the early understanding of Christ as the 'first-fruits' and how this makes connections between the man Jesus and those who followed him how his death became both blueprint and guide book for those who came after. The purpose of this is to help readers see their own life in the light of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and to encourage them in their Christian hope.
About the Author
Cally Hammond is the Dean of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. She previously worked in rural parishes in the diocese of Ely and is the author of Passionate Christianity (SPCK, 2007) and Joyful Christianity (SPCK 2009)

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