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Publication Date: 1 Sep 2007
Format: Hardback
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 208
Author: John Polkinghorne
ISBN-13: 9780281059157

From Physicist to Priest

By John Polkinghorne
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This is an autobiography of this well known author with a unique perspective arising from his roles as both a theologian and a physicist. It tells the story of his journeys into both disciplines from a human angle, including the formative experiences and key relationships he experienced as a child, an undergraduate, graduate and beyond into university teaching, priesthood and writing. He describes his developing thoughts and understanding of the value and interdependence of each of the major disciplines and, by so doing, brings a human touch to the big questions that each approach raises.
About the Author
John Polkinghorne is past President and now Fellow of Queens' College Cambridge. Former Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge University, he is a priest and Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral. He won the Templeton Prize for Science and Religion in 2002, and his many books have formed the core of our prestigious Science and Theology list. His books have been translated into eleven languages so far.

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