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Publication Date: 15 Apr 2010
Format: eBook
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Author: Guy Brandon
ISBN-13: 9780281065257

Free to Live

Expressing The Love Of Christ In An Age Of Debt
By Guy Brandon
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The last couple of years have not been easy. Everyone has been affected in some way by the credit crunch and we need to reorient ourselves. It's a comfort for Christians to remember that real life and fulfillment are to be found in relationships - in loving God and loving our neighbour. But in practice it's difficult not to be influenced by consumerism and individualism. How do we guard against this? How can we apply our faith in practical ways? What disciplines can we put in place to help us worship God in every area of our lives? These are the questions that Free to Live aims to answer. Well researched, inspiring, practical and engaging, it will prove of much value to Christians wishing to live in a more deeply considered way.
About the Author
Guy Brandon works as a researcher for the Jubilee Centre and as a counsellor. He is the author of Just Sex: Is it ever just sex? (I.V.P. 2009). He and his wife and daughter live in Cambridge.

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