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Publication Date: 24 May 2007
Series: Exploring the Old Testament
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 320
Author: Gordon McConville
ISBN-13: 9780281054305, 9780281082278

Exploring the Old Testament Vol 2

The History (Vol. 2)
By Gordon McConville
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Designed to help students actively engage with the Old Testament, this title contains questions to encourage further thought.
About the Author
Philip Satterthwaite is Lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology, Singapore. Gordon McConville is Professor of O.T. Theology at the University of Gloucestershire, UK. He is author series editor of the Exploring the OT series.
Press Reviews

Satterthwaite and McConville have written an excellent introduction to the Histories, geared toward the undergraduate student and interested lay person. Those who identify with these “learning labels” will surely find discussions of “Critical Issues,” and the chapter on “The Deuteronomistic History” deep wading, and perhaps as Satterthwaite jests, a bit difficult to keep one’s eyes open. Some might even object that such material could be dispensed with. I would disagree, however. Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Histories will inevitably seek out commentaries, dictionary articles, etc. to enhance their comprehension. In doing so, they will encounter all of the views (and many more) spelled out in this volume. Exploring the Old Testament: The Histories, gives the student a starting point of understanding concerning what the issues, presuppositions, and conclusions are of the scholarly literature that they will inevitably turn to. But more importantly, this volume is full of valuable information and insights. The content overviews of each biblical book is worth the price alone. The special boxes and charts enhance the learning process. Personally, I found myself in agreement with much of what Satterthwaite and McConville write, but I also found them fair in representing other approaches and scholarly positions. If you are interested in learning more about “The Histories,” then I would highly recommend this book as a well-written and informative introduction to them.

- Randy

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