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Publication Date: 20 Mar 2014
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Jenny Baker
ISBN-13: 9780281070695


Enjoying Gender Equality In All Areas Of Life
By Jenny Baker
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God intended men and women to live and work together in partnership and in harmony. It may not feel so at times, but we are truly equal! This exhilarating book explores what that means in real terms. In the UK – where only a fifth of MPs are female; where women are paid less than men and one in four will experience violence from their partner; where men comprise the vast majority of the prison population and boys are underperforming at school – the biblical vision of women and men being truly equal is needed more than ever.

Equality, Jenny Baker suggests, is intrinsically related to the desire to see people flourish. Jesus was not averse to challenging cultural stereotypes in his encounters with others. His model of liberating relationships can be a great encouragement to us, as we seek to find the generosity of spirit we need to enable those we love to thrive and, ultimately, to reflect more fully the image of God."
About the Author
JENNY BAKER has been an advocate and activist for the equality of men and women for many years, and is a host of the Gathering of Women Leaders in London. She has an MSc in gender studies and works as Development Manager at Church Urban Fund.
Press Reviews

· ‘Jenny Baker doesn’t just teach on equality – she thoroughly lives it out. This book provides a much needed challenge for Christians to re-think the complex issues of gender and to restore people to their God-ordained equality and freedom.’

- Vicky Beeching, writer & broadcaster

This is a bold and beautiful book on a key issue.

- Professor John Drane, theologian & author

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