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Publication Date: 1 Oct 2007
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 176
Author: Irene Alexander
ISBN-13: 9780281059652

Dancing with God

By Irene Alexander
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If we are to know true freedom, we need to recognize the things that help us 'dance with God': learning grace, accepting brokenness, self forgiveness. We also need to be aware of what hinders our progress: judgment, self criticism, shame, seeking others' approval.Down-to-earth, engaging and psychologically astute, "Dancing with God" takes us 'inside' the gospel stories, so we might explore these ideas through imagining ourselves to be in the presence of Jesus. What was it like to be the woman at the well meeting this unique stranger? Or the woman, washing Jesus' feet with her tears, criticized and unvalued? Or Paul, having your entire, carefully-ordered world turned upside down? As we envision the freedom and grace in which these individuals were invited to live, we may learn to forget the childhood scripts, the rules, requirements and laws that bind us, and allow ourselves instead to step out and dance with our creator - to be transformed, gently and continuously, through the all-encompassing love of Christ.
About the Author
IRENE ALEXANDER is currently the Dean of the School of Social Sciences and a lecturer in counselling and psychology at Christian Heritage College in Brisbane, Australia. Born in New Zealand, she has lived in a number of countries coordinating training schools for a missions organization.

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