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Publication Date: 19 Sep 2013
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 144
Author: Keith Elford
ISBN-13: 9780281070770, 9780281070787

Creating the Future of the Church

A Practical Guide To Addressing Whole-System Change
By Keith Elford
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ISBN: 9780281070770
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ISBN: 9780281070787
What are the conditions that allow organizations and those within them to thrive? What happens when those conditions are applied to the Church? Deeply aware that more could be done to guarantee a successful future for the Church as an organization, Keith Elford explores the challenges it faces and urges us to take a more coherent approach to the way we think about and 'do' church. In recent years, research and practical learning have taken the Church a long way from the managerialism about which many people are understandably sceptical. Thus the aim of Creating the Future of the Church is to provide a practicable framework and process to allow readers to find their own answers to ensure the Church's organizational health and effectiveness.
About the Author
The Revd Keith Elford is a management consultant. He is known to several dioceses as a leader of courses, and trainer.

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