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Publication Date: 1 Sep 2007
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 320
Author: Shirley Du Boulay
ISBN-13: 9780281058891

Cicely Saunders

The Founder Of The Modern Hospice Movement
By Shirley Du Boulay
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Dame Cicely Saunders was the founder of the Hospice Movement, in which Britain leads the world. Her work transformed our approach to the care of the dying, and also the debate about euthanasia. She died in 2005 and her memorial service was held in Westminster Abbey in March 2006. Over 1600 people attended. This biography, by Shirley du Boulay, includes a 4-page plate section and new chapters by Marianne Rankin covering the years after 1984.
About the Author
Shirley du Boulay (author of the existing book, which covers up to 1984) was for many years a radio and television producer, and is the author of a number of books, including biographies of Desmond Tutu and Teresa of Avila. Marianne Rankin has been Chair of the Alister Hardy Society for Religious Experience Research, at Oxford, and is the author of articles and academic papers. She nursed her own mother as she died of leukemia, and also trained and worked as a volunteer at St Richard's Hospice in Worcester.

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