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Publication Date: 1 Oct 2007
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 560
Author: Alister McGrath
ISBN-13: 9780281059683

Christianity's Dangerous Idea

The Protestant Revolution - A History From The Sixteenth Century To The Twenty-First
By Alister McGrath
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Protestantism is one of the world's largest and most dynamic religious movements, currently experiencing major growth and expansion in many parts of the world. This book sets out to explore the inner identity of this movement, and its implications for the religious future of humanity. The dangerous idea lying at the heart of Protestantism is that every individual has the right and responsibility to interpret the Bible. Christianity's Dangerous Idea is the first book that attempts to define this core element of Protestantism, and the religious and cultural dynamic that this 'dangerous idea' has unleashed. Its three major sections explore the history of the movement, engage with the distinctive features of Protestant belief and practice, and offer a provocative assessment of Protestantism's global future.
About the Author
Alister McGrath is Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University and Senior Research Fellow of Harris Manchester College, Oxford. A prolific author, his recent book (with Joanna Collicutt McGrath), The Dawkins Delusion?: Atheist fundamentalism and the denial of the divine (SPCK), has become an international bestseller.

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