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Publication Date: 20 Oct 2018
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Words: 110000
Page Count: 336
Author: Tim Dowley
ISBN-13: 9780281079261

Christian Music

A global history (revised and expanded)
By Tim Dowley
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Christian Music: A Global History was originally published by Lion Hudson in 2011. This new edition has been substantially extended and updated.

Dr Tim Dowley's wide-ranging survey includes contributions from nine additional experts. The book covers the Jewish musical tradition; early hymns and psalms; music after Constantine; the rise of music in the Orthodox tradition; Christian chant and the core of medieval music; polyphony in the medieval and Renaissance eras; music and the Lutheran Reformation; the rise of Catholic Baroque; the development of Anglican worship; Christian music in Latin America; the Viennese tradition of liturgical and non-liturgical sacred music; sacred music in the age of Romanticism; 19th-century hymns; the steadily developing tradition of Christian music in Africa; sacred music and the concert hall; music and The Salvation Army; the rise of carols; popular church music in the 20th century; the making of the American Gospel tradition; Christian music in SE Asia; musical traditions in Australia and New Zealand, and in the Pacific Islands; Christian elements in the rise of folk and jazz; and the rise of the contemporary Christian music industry.
About the Author
Dr Tim Dowley is a historian and a prolific author and editor of Bible resources for adults and children. He has also written popular biographies of J. S. Bach and Robert Schumann, a study of Bob Dylan and works on the history of Christianity.
Press Reviews

Contains an impressive amount of information on a crucially important subject, beautifully presented and accessibly written … the clarity of presentation and ease of style ensure that the narrative is not swamped by the many names and dates … such an ambitious and successful project is to be commended.

- The Tablet

Seems to cover every aspect of Christian music, including medieval polyphony, psalms, sacred music in the baroque, romantic and contemporary periods, hymns, carols, gospel, camp meetings and revivals, trombone ensembles of the Moravian Church, spirituals and the blues, country music, folk music, jazz and Christian rock music.

- Classical Music Magazine

Demonstrates just how rich, wide and varied has been the music and song of Christians of all kinds over the centuries.

- Irish Catholic

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