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Publication Date: 19 Sep 2013
Series: Christian Belief for Everyone
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 128
Author: Alister McGrath
ISBN-13: 9780281068357, 9780281068364

Christian Belief for Everyone: The Living God

By Alister McGrath
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ISBN: 9780281068357
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The Christian Belief for Everyone series comprises five guides to the basic ideas of the Christian faith. Full of stories and helpful illustrations, these guides have been written primarily for ordinary churchgoers, though they will no doubt also appeal to interested readers outside the church. The approach Alister McGrath adopts is non-denominational, very similar to the 'mere Christianity' advocated by C. S. Lewis. Indeed, the series may be seen as a guide to 'mere Christianity', focusing clearly as it does on the life of faith. We look at why Christians believe what they do; how we can best understand these ideas, and the difference they make to the way we think about ourselves and our world.
About the Author
Alister McGrath is Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at King's College, London and a prolific author.

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