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Publication Date: 16 May 2013
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 224
Author: Eric Eve
ISBN-13: 9780281062553, 9780281070497

Behind the Gospels

Understanding The Oral Tradition
By Eric Eve
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ISBN: 9780281062553
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For a hundred years, the million dollar question has been, What was the nature and state of the tradition between Jesus and the gospels? Eve surveys the major proposals, offers critical and constructive commentary, and makes appropriately nuanced suggestions of his own. On this topic, his work is now the place to start' Dale C. Allison, Jr. Professor of New Testament, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary 'Eric Eve has written a magnificent guide to one of the most exciting areas in Gospels studies today - oral tradition and memory theory. With clear writing and judicious assessment, he covers the important personalities and ideas in the search to get behind the Gospels, from form criticism to the present. I highly recommend this book to scholars and students alike' Chris Keith, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, St Mary's University College, London 'Eric Eve gives a balanced and lucid account of all attempts to reconstruct the oral tradition behind the written Gospels . . . Eve's judgments on these questions are fair, his arguments convincing. This is a foundational book both for Jesus research and for our understanding of the literary history of the New Testament' Gerd Theissen, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, University of Heidelberg.
About the Author
Eric Eve is Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Harris Manchester College, Oxford.
Press Reviews

‘Exquisitely nuanced, acutely sensitive, and immensely fair reportage of a complex and at times bewildering new subdiscipline in biblical scholarship. Skillfully organizing a vast array of materials and theories, carefully weighing the pros and cons, Eve has managed to tell a gripping story and to make orality studies the fascinating subject that it is. More than that, throughout he conveys a sense of the paradigmatic significance of orality studies that may hold it within their power to make substantial contributions to much-needed new perspectives on the Synoptic tradition. . . Eve’s assessment of positions taken and concepts proposed is sensible, sound, and almost always to the point. . . This is a book of programmatic significance, and one hopes for a wide readership not only among biblical scholars but among humanists and social scientists who have an interest in the issue of oral tradition.’

- Werner H. Kelber

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