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Publication Date: 21 Apr 2005
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
ISBN-13: 9780281056880

All Desires Known

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All Desires Known has become a classic, an indispensable resource for public worship and private devotion that speaks to people across a range of traditions, both within and beyond the churches.
Frequently requested for other anthologies and collections because of their beauty and economy of language, these prayers and poems reflect the integration of our personal desires, our political vision and our longing for God. Many were composed as a response to the desire for a language of worship that is inclusive of women’s experience. Yet, deeply rooted in the words, stories and images of Scripture, they have resonated not only with women, but with all who love the Bible and who want to pray in our contemporary world with honesty and directness.

This new edition introduces a substantial section of material on themes of global justice, entitled ‘Thy kingdom come’. The sequence of collects for which All Desires Known is most celebrated has been re-ordered, along with helpful indexes and footnotes, to enable the reader to select suitable prayers to fit with the Common Worship Lectionary.
About the Author
Janet Morley is a freelance writer, speaker and workshop leader. She has worked for Christian Aid and for the Methodist Church, and is the author of several books of prayers and poems, Bread of Tomorrow, The Heart's Times, Haphazard by Starlight and Our Last Awakening.
Press Reviews

A highly original and stunningly beautiful anthology.

A remarkable collection of prayers . . . a voice of prayer sounds here that appeals to the thought and feeling of people in our time.

Sample the pungent beauty of some of these prayers and their haunting and disturbing depth . . . some of them are classics.

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