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Publication Date: 16 Aug 2012
Publisher: SPCK
Page Count: 128
Author: Matthew Caminer
ISBN-13: 9780281067909, 9780281067916

A Clergy Husband's Survival Guide

By Matthew Caminer
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ISBN: 9780281067909
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ISBN: 9780281067916
Women now comprise almost half the priests serving in the Church of England. As a result, there are many male clergy spouses who have had to come to terms with the seismic shift that occurs in family life when a wife embarks on the journey from exploration of vocation - through selection, training and formation - to ordination and a life of ministry. The author had his own busy career when he suddenly found himself playing second fiddle rather than being the 'doer' in the household. Not only did this subtly affect his marriage, but as friends and acquaintances became 'parishioners', he was required to respect boundaries, to be discreet and often to carry the burden of unsought confidentiality. Drawing on these experiences and those of many fellow clergy spouses, this volume is a practical, informative and engaging guide to the joys and challenges of being married to a vicar. Part one deals with the process from initial call to ordination and beyond. Part two helps clergy husbands work through what their new role might involve. Part three looks at lifestyle and family issues, while Part four offers support and sensible advice if things go wrong.
About the Author
Matthew Caminer is a professional management consultant. He has broadcast on Thought for the Day for B.B.C. Radio Oxford and contributed to Case Studies in Marketing (Addison Wesley, 1995). He is married to Miriam, who was ordained Deacon in 2011.

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