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Publication Date: 15 Jun 2017
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 240
Author: Justin Brierley
ISBN-13: 9780281077984, 9780281077991, 9780281080830


Why After Ten Years Of Talking With Atheists, I'M Still A Christian
By Justin Brierley
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ISBN: 9780281077984
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Conversations matter.

Yet, recently, good conversations about faith have been increasingly squeezed out of the public sphere.

Seeking to reopen the debate, Justin Brierley began to invite atheists and sceptics on to Premier Christian Radio to air arguments for and against the Christian faith.

But how has ten years of discussion with atheists affected the presenter’s faith?

Reflecting on conversations with Richard Dawkins, Derren Brown and many more, Justin explains why he still finds Christianity the most compelling explanation for life, the universe and everything. And why, regardless of belief or background, we should all welcome the conversation.

‘Beautifully written, brilliantly argued, Justin’s book will thrill Christians and challenge atheists.’ R. T. Kendall, author and pastor

‘Justin has that happy knack of being able to get people of diametrically opposed opinions debating the big issues.’ John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford
About the Author
JUSTIN BRIERLEY is presenter of Premier Christian Radio’s Unbelievable? podcast. He also Senior Editor of Premier Christianity Magazine. Justin splits his time between radio presenting, editing and serving in his local church. He enjoys finding fresh ways to create conversations about faith through programmes, videos and articles that bring theology into the real world.
Press Reviews

Timely and inspiring

'a useful and readable apologetic resource’

‘Certainly his book would be a fascinating basis for a sermon series or a potentially life-changing gift to a questioning grandchild.’

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