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Publication Date: 18 Aug 2016
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 96
Author: Jill Eckersley
ISBN-13: 9781847094094, 9781847094100

Therapy Pets

A Guide
By Jill Eckersley
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ISBN: 9781847094094
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ISBN: 9781847094100
HIGHLY COMMENDED in BMA Medical Book Awards 2017

Most people are aware of Guide Dogs for the Blind and Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Over the last 50 years there has been an increasing realisation among health and therapy professionals that close contact with other living creatures can be therapeutic. All kinds of people can benefit - the young, the old, those with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, those with dementia, stroke victims and those who have survived trauma and sexual abuse. This book looks at how the animal-human bond can benefit well-being and overall health. Topics include:
the origins of pet therapy, dating back to the 18th century
famous people who found it helpful, such as Florence Nightingale and Sigmund Freud
Pets and your physical health
Pets and mental health
Pets and older people
Assistance animals
Animals and children
Choosing a pet
About the Author
Jill Eckersley is a health journalist and a longstanding Sheldon author, who has written several books for the list. She has a specialist interest in therapy pets, works as a volunteer at the Mayhew Animal Rescue Centre, London, and writes for several pet magazines.

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