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Publication Date: 17 Feb 2011
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 128
Author: Robert Bor
ISBN-13: 9781847091031, 9781847091970

Therapy for Beginners

By Robert Bor
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ISBN: 9781847091031
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ISBN: 9781847091970
Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are referred for counselling every year. Many others are seriously considering therapy for a particular problem. This book addresses the questions such people may have, particularly any confusion and fear, and acknowledges the fact that the original problem may have dented confidence, lowered mood, raised anxiety and generally made seeking help harder. Topics include: * the differences between therapy, counselling, psychology and psychiatry, as well as some of the main approaches used * which problems can be dealt with in therapy (and which can't) * how to choose a therapist * what you need to know about the therapist and his or her approach before starting * what your therapist may need to know about you * how to 'read' your own psychological problems and feelings and begin to understand how to overcome them on your own * why we can feel vulnerable and frightened about meeting with a therapist * what you can do to prepare yourself for therapy
About the Author
Professor Robert Bor is a Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital, London, and Visiting Professor at City University, London. This is his third book for Sheldon. Sheila Gill is a counsellor, working at the London School of Economics. She is co-author of a number of books on therapy. Anne Stokes is a therapist specialising in addiction, based in London.

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