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Publication Date: 15 Sep 2016
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 168
Author: Mark Greener
ISBN-13: 9781847093325, 9781847093332

The Holistic Guide for Cancer Survivors

By Mark Greener
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ISBN: 9781847093325
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ISBN: 9781847093332
While cancer causes more than one in four deaths in the UK, many cancers are increasingly chronic diseases, and holistic management is common. Up to a half of all cancer patients admit to visiting CAM providers; more use complementary therapies. Holistic health isn’t a quick fix, but many CAMs are now established, respected and effective parts of the treatment journey in cancer, and indeed many cancer drugs come from plants. This book is a balanced, informative look at how holistic methods may help in the cancer journey. Topics include:
Understanding cancer
Why does cancer arise?
Common symptoms
How holistic methods may help
CAM treatments such as acupressure, acupuncture and moxibustion, art therapy, aromatherapy,
An anti-cancer lifestyle
Spirituality and healing
How to ensure treatment is safe – never trust anyone who claims to cure cancer
About the Author
Mark Greener is one of Sheldon's leading medical writers, and an award-winning medical and bioscience writer and journalist. He is clinical editor for Pharmacy Magazine and the author of several health books.
Press Reviews

[It] should be read by everybody touched by cancer either on a professional or personal basis.

- Nursing Times

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