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Publication Date: 3 Sep 2012
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 128
Author: Christine Craggs-Hinton|Mark Greener
ISBN-13: 9781847091789, 9781847091796

The Diabetes Healing Diet

By Christine Craggs-Hinton, Mark Greener
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ISBN: 9781847091789
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ISBN: 9781847091796
Every three or four minutes someone in the US receives a diagnosis of diabetes. But, healthy eating - alongside other lifestyle changes and, if necessary, medication - may prevent diabetes from developing and dramatically reduces the risk of diabetic complications such as heart disease, amputations and blindness. This book shows how to avoid the worse ravages of this disease. Topics include: types of diabetes; the pancreas and how it controls blood sugar; medication; controlling carbohydrates; guidelines for healthy eating and using supplements safely.
About the Author
Mark Greener is an award-winning medical bioscience writer and journalist. He is clinical editor of Pharmacy Magazine, and author of 11 health books. He is based in Cambridge. Christine Craggs-Hinton is one of Sheldon's longest-established authors, with several books to her credit. She lives and works in Tenerife.

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