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Publication Date: 21 Feb 2013
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 288
Author: Henry Wansbrough
ISBN-13: 9780281069453

The SPCK Bible Guide

An Illustrated Survey Of All The Books Of The Bible - Their Contents, Themes And Teachings
By Henry Wansbrough
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The SPCK Bible Guide is designed as a navigational tool for readers who want to gain a broad overview of the Bible, grasp its major themes and understand its key teachings. Both Old and New Testaments are broken down into easy-to-manage sections - each containing a narrative summary, key quotations, and a helpful commentary explaining the essential concerns of the original authors. The book may be used with any good translation of the Bible, and includes the seven books contained in the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament used by the early Church). Bible quotations are from the NRSV. The Guide is the ideal entry-point for people of all religious backgrounds who want to gain a clear and comprehensive view of what the Bible contains and what it means for today.
About the Author
Henry Wansbrough OSB is a Benedictine monk based at Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire. He is former Chairman of the Oxford University Theology Faculty, and former Master of St Benet's Hall Oxford. He is editor of the New Jerusalem Bible and author of more than 20 books. In writing this book, he was assisted by R. P. Nettelhorst, Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Quartz Hill School of Theology, who contributed the chapter-by-chapter summaries.

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