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Publication Date: 18 Feb 2016
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Words: 20000
Page Count: 132
Author: Cheryl Rezek
ISBN-13: 9781847094193, 9781847094209

Quit Smoking

Sheldon Mindfulness
By Cheryl Rezek
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ISBN: 9781847094193
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ISBN: 9781847094209
This book explains how mindfulness can help you to kick the smoking habit and control your thoughts and emotions in a more balanced, accepting way. It presents a short history of mindfulness, and includes specific research on how mindfulness can aid people who smoke. Includes step by step exercises and practices. Topics include:

Why do I smoke?

The stress response

The addiction

No magic remedy

How to make the changes you want

Living in the now

Stop and be mindful

Caring for yourself

Staying committed

Challenges to recovery

Reap the rewards
About the Author
Dr Cheryl Rezek is a consultant clinical psychologist and mindfulness teacher who has worked in the field of health and mental health in both clinical and academic settings. She has published author three books - Life Happens (Leachcroft), Brilliant Mindfulness (Pearson) and Mindfulness for Carers (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) as well as an App entitled iMindfulness-on-the-go.

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