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Publication Date: 20 Sep 2018
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 168
Author: Alister McGrath
ISBN-13: 9780281079940

Mere Discipleship

On Growing in Wisdom and Hope
By Alister McGrath
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In exploring Christian discipleship, Alister McGrath encourages us to move beyond a superficial grasp of our faith to discover its depth and riches. He sees discipleship as a process of growth in wisdom: we absorb a Christian vision of reality, allow it to percolate in our minds and then inform how we see things, think about them and act.

Helpfully drawing on the astute and illuminating insights of Dorothy L. Sayers, C. S. Lewis, John Stott and J. I. Packer, the author suggests how we can hold on to hope while journeying through darkness, and live meaningfully in a world where things don’t always seem to make sense.

‘Alister McGrath offers an appealing and lucid demonstration of theology understood as a “reflective inhabitation” of the Christian faith. This wise and elegant book shows the urgent importance of a Christian mind for faithful discipleship that engages the contemporary world. It should be essential reading for every pastor and every thoughtful Christian layperson.’
Jeffrey P. Greenman, President, Regent College, Vancouver
About the Author
ALISTER McGRATH is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University, and Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre for Science and Religion. He holds Oxford doctorates inthe natural sciences, intellectual history and Christian theology. McGrath has written extensively on the interaction of science and Christian theology, and is the author of many books, including the international bestseller The Dawkins Delusion? Atheist Fundamentalism and the Denial of the Divine (SPCK, 2007), and the market-leading textbook Christian Theology: An Introduction (Wiley, 2016). McGrath also serves as the Gresham Professor of Divinity, a public professorship in the City of London, established in 1597, that promotes the public engagement of theology with the leading issues of the day.
Press Reviews

'Alister McGrath invariably combines enormous scholarship with an accessible and engaging style.’

- ROWAN WILLIAMS, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge

Again and again, Alister McGrath elegantly performs that central task of any teacher: to enable his students and readers, starting from the familiar ground of what they already know, to go on to explore new territory, and begin to see an expanded horizon.

- Church Times

The Light of the World (SPCK, forthcoming 2019 – revised edition of Understanding Jesus): It is rare that you find a man with great erudition who has the ability to distil it in terms which anyone can understand. Alister McGrath is such a man . . . [This book] is an excellent example of profundity married to simplicity.

- Michael Green

Mere Apologetics (SPCK, 2016): This is a fresh, clear and practical introduction to apologetics from someone who doesn’t just talk about the subject but actually does it brilliantly.

- Os Guiness, author of Long Journey Home

Mere Theology (SPCK, 2010): McGrath, himself a converted atheist, crafts a devastating critique of Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennet, Harris et al. No ivory towers here; good theology is forcefully contending for the faith in a fierce battle for the soul of the Western world. Thank God Alister McGrath is on the front line.

- Christianity

The Dawkins Delusion? (SPCK, 2007): The God Delusion makes me embarrassed to be an atheist, and the McGraths show why.

- Michael Ruse, Professor and Director of History and Philosophy of Science Program, Florida State University

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