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Publication Date: 16 Jul 2015
Publisher: Sheldon Press
ISBN-13: 9781847093288, 9781847093295

Living with the Challenges of Dementia

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More than 800,000 people in the UK are currently affected by dementia, a figure set to increase as the population ages. This book, addressed to carers and loved ones, explores how to handle the difficult emotions involved in looking after a loved one with dementia, such as denial, shame, anger, guilt and grief. It examines the harrowing process of effectively losing a person on a day-to-day basis, and suggests the best ways to maintain psychological health and well-being. Topics include:
· Understanding the changes in memory, personality and behaviour
· Developing an understanding of personal challenge
· Overcoming loneliness and isolation
· How family dynamics may affect the caring experience
· ‘The long goodbye’ - coping with progressive decline
· Severe dementia and end of life care
· Finding meaning in the experience – is there a
‘positive’ side of looking after someone with dementia?
About the Author
Patrick McCurry is a freelance writer and psychotherapist. A former financial journalist, he worked in Latin America for the Financial Times and Economist Intelligence Unit. He maintains a private counselling practice in London and Eastbourne.
Press Reviews

This is a thought-provoking book addressing the devastating effects of dementia on close family and friends.
Topics covered include understanding the changes in memory, personality and behaviour, family dynamics and overcoming isolation. The chapters encourage self-reflection, with case studies from family members who have experienced the challenges of their loved ones being diagnosed with the disorder. They offer a unique insight into the reality of those affected.

The book is divided into sections, focusing primarily on emotions and relationships, which allow the reader to refer back easily to a particular section when necessary.

A minor criticism is that it does not have a sole clinical nursing focus and is a relatively long book.

An insightful and reflective read, it is ideal for those working in care home settings where families often reach crisis point. It would also be a useful addition for nurses and carers working in long-term dementia care settings to encourage empathy and highlight the importance of relationship-centred care.

- Nursing Standard

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