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Publication Date: 22 Jan 2009
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 128
Author: Neel Burton
ISBN-13: 9781847090546, 9781847091079

Living with Bipolar Disorder

By Neel Burton
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ISBN: 9781847090546
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The aim of this book is to provide you and your relatives and friends with a source of information about bipolar disorder that is accessible, clear, and reliable. Although frequently misunderstood, bipolar disorder is a common condition that affects about one in every one hundred people. It involves recurrent episodes of elevated and depressed mood that can pose a serious threat to physical health, careers, and relationships. By teaching you about bipolar disorder, this book aims to alleviate any feelings of fear and isolation that you may have, and provide you with a realistic sense of hope and optimism. Simple and practical advice about day-to-day management enables you to take greater control over the illness and make the most of the services that are available to you. Living with Bipolar Disorder shows how you can improve your chances of once again leading a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.
About the Author
Dr Neel Burton is a psychiatrist practising in Oxford with a specialist interest in neuroscience and philosophy. He is author of the book Living with Schizophrenia, Sheldon Press, 2007, which won the Medical Journalists Association Open Book Award 2008.

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