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Publication Date: 19 Jul 2018
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Words: 20000
Page Count: 108
ISBN-13: 9781847094278, 9781847094285

Life Crisis: The Mindful Way

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ISBN: 9781847094278
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Suddenly, life changes. Whether it’s an accident, a divorce, a diagnosis, or sudden emotional turmoil, things will never be the same again. When your inner or outer world is crumbling, mindfulness has the power to help transform crisis. It helps grow that pearl from the grit and show how even a painful emergency can be an opportunity for healing and growth. Looking at evidence and personal experience, Life Crisis offers inner wisdom and practical advice to help you stay calm in the face of the storm. Topics include:
how mindfulness works
Handling intense emotions
Coping with overwhelming fear
Dealing with physical pain
Self-compassion and self-care
Being present, slowing down
Meditations and practices
Links to audio downloads
Accessing support
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  1. Restricted Diet? Mindfulness Lends a Helping Hand Restricted Diet? Mindfulness Lends a Helping Hand Catherine G Lucas is the author of four books on the holistic approach to mental health. Her latest in the Sheldon Press Mindful Way series is out now: Life Crisis: the Mindful Way. In her writing, Catherine draws on both her personal and professional experience, as a mindfulness trainer. Her one-day retreat on Kindfulness & Nutrition: Exploring our patterns around food is on Sunday 21st October. 
About the Author
Catherine G Lucas is an accredited mindfulness trainer who has been delivering mindfulness courses to the National Health Service and Ministry of Defence since 2007, working with soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as with civilians. She is author of Coping with a Mental Health Crisis: Seven Steps to Healing (Sheldon Press, 2015), and of Alcohol Recovery: The Mindful Way, also for Sheldon Press, 2017. Catherine is founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, a UK charity that works with people in mental and emotional distress.

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