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Publication Date: 20 Jul 2017
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 160
Author: Ben Cooley
ISBN-13: 9780281078844, 9780281078851

Impossible is a Dare

Fighting For A World Free From Slavery
By Ben Cooley
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ISBN: 9780281078844
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Ben Cooley was just 26 years old when he booked Birmingham’s NEC Arena. He didn’t have the first idea about putting on a major event. He didn’t have a strategy, he didn’t have the funds. But he did a have vision; a vision to live in a world free from slavery.

This is a story of passion turned into action.

In this book Ben shares the journey of Hope for Justice, from one man with a wobbly desk to an international organisation now rescuing victims in the UK, US, Cambodia and Norway. Featuring real-life rescues and the voices of Rend Collective’s Patrick Thompson, Rob and Marion White, actor Tom Lister, Athena Pond and many others involved in the story so far, this book is about more than fighting slavery.

Impossible is a Dare is a challenge.

What are you passionate about? What would you like to build or break or change? This book will inspire all readers to find and fight for their own vision and see the impossible for what it really is; nothing but a dare.

'Hope for Justice truly are modern day abolitionists.' - Stephen Fry

'I am grateful for the important work Hope for Justice is doing to tackle modern day slavery. I wish Ben Cooley’s new book Impossible is a Dare every success in its publication.' - Theresa May
About the Author
Manchester-based Ben Cooley is CEO of Hope for Justice, an organisation with a practical approach to ending slavery. Since HFJ was established in 2008, Ben has overseen its growth to six offices on three continents. HFJ – now consisting of Abolition International (Nashville, US), Transitions Global (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) and HFJ UK (Manchester, UK) – works in partnership with law enforcement and pioneering model anti-trafficking programmes in the UK, US, Cambodia and Norway.

Ben is a gifted speaker and has previously toured with Rend Collective and Jesus Culture in the USA. He and his family live in the UK.
Press Reviews

Hope for Justice truly are modern day abolitionists.

- Stephen Fry, Actor & Comedian

I am grateful for the important work ‘Hope for Justice’ is doing to tackle modern day slavery. I wish Ben Cooley’s new book “Impossible is a Dare” every success in its publication.

- Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK

Incredibly brave and lifesaving work

- Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

This is a book of stories, compassionate stories of lovely human beings. Some have struggled with exploitation and inhuman treatment that no human being should suffer; others have faced the challenge of responding sacrificially and consistently to the glaring injustices in our world. These are all stories that need to be told, and Ben Cooley does that so well, weaving them into his own personal narrative. I know the book will find a wide audience. I believe it will also draw many people to reflect on the part they can play in the work of bringing greater hope for justice.

- Elaine Storkey

Ben’s vision for Hope for Justice is inspirational and his sacrifice truly humbling. This book moves seamlessly between the story of Ben’s faith in starting this amazing organisation and his obedience to the call of God on his life and the stories of those people it seeks to help. I would recommend this book to all who are looking to do the impossible with their lives in whatever way God is calling and to take up the dare as Ben did; the world needs you!

- Tim Hughes, Worship Central

I have a huge amount of respect for Ben and Hope for Justice. Their commitment to rescue and restoring those trapped in slavery is an inspiration. This book is not only a call to end trafficking but a challenge for each one of us to overcome seemingly impossible situations in our own life. A fantastic read!

- Steve McClaren, former England football team Manager

More than two years ago, with input from leading stakeholders and industry experts, we created a bold vision to not only fight the horrific practice of modern slavery but to end it, and in December, the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act was signed into law. Hope for Justice played a critical role in those efforts, and I appreciate the work this important organization continues to do to rescue and restore victims of modern slavery.

- Senator Bob Corker

For many years, I have admired the passion, drive, and excellence that Hope for Justice have applied in the fight against human trafficking. Ben Cooley is a visionary leader who has an incredible gifting to not only start an organisation, but build a movement. This book is an excellent resource to anyone wanting to learn from the highs and lows of leadership and how to deliver their vision.

- Sir Brian Souter, Founder and Chairman, Stagecoach Group

Ben Cooley is an inspiring leader. He has met every challenge faced with great wisdom and humility. Hope for Justice has become a key player in the fight against modern day slavery and their influence and experience as practitioners and advocates is incredibly important for businesses, governments and individuals to learn from. I would highly commend this book and hope it can be a catalyst for genuine transformation.

- Sir Peter Vardy, Chairman of the Vardy Group

The story of Hope for Justice is an important one. Throughout the UK and across the world, the issue of modern slavery has become increasingly high profile. The work that Hope for Justice does to combat these injustices is inspiring. This book not only shares the heart of the organisation but also some great insight into how slavery can be eradicated for good. I would highly commend the organisation and this book to anyone.

- Ram Gidoomal, Chairman of Traidcraft

A powerful reminder that when it comes to standing up for the vulnerable like victims of modern slavery there is no excuse for inaction. Ben Cooley’s story is full of compassion, inspiration and importantly action, now leading recovery of modern slavery victims. It speaks to us all about the value of taking personal responsibility for the welfare of others.

- David Burrowes MP

I have been privileged to know Ben Cooley for several years. He is, without doubt a very talented and unique individual. It is hardly surprising therefore, that the organisation he leads is equally unique and highly regarded both nationally and internationally. This book reveals, in part the ongoing journey of Ben Cooley and Hope For Justice, a journey that is both intentional and highly inspirational. I wholeheartedly commend Impossible Is a Dare to those committed to taking action against modern day slavery.

- Mick Layton, Deputy Director (Retired), Serious Organised Crime Agency

When we first met Ben we could not help but admire his energy and whole-hearted, infectious commitment to the vision to end human trafficking. He has demonstrated to us the importance of what it means to lead with humility and dedication to whatever vision has been given to you. Hope for Justice do incredible work around the world and we are delighted to commend the organisation and Ben to all readers.

- John and Debby Wright, National Directors, Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

This is much more than a business book or inspiring story, this is a rallying call to all of us to step up and meet the challenges in front of us. No great achievement has ever been easy - all it takes to get started is a commitment to pursue your passion. Ben will inspire, challenge and encourage you to get started.

- Michael O’Neil, CEO Stewardship

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