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Publication Date: 15 Nov 2018
Format: Hardback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 1500
ISBN-13: 9780281079568

NLT Holy Bible: New Living Translation Premier Hardback Edition (Anglicised)

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Premier Christian Communications Ltd, a multi-media organization with an audience of over a million per week, exists to enable people to put faith at the heart of daily life. With the Word of God unapologetically central in fulfilling this mission, Premier have sought to create their own special edition NLT Bible to enable listeners and readers the world over to better engage with Scripture. Featuring exclusive additional content including ‘God’s Big Picture’ explaining the overall narrative of the Bible, accessible apologetics from presenter and author of Unbelievable?, Justin Brierley, and much, much more.

The New Living Translation is an authoritative version of scripture, rendered faithfully into today’s English by an international team of over 90 leading biblical scholars.
The translation conveys the message of the original texts in clear, contemporary language. Its guiding principle is to render words and phrases as simply and literally as possible when that approach yields an accurate, consistent and natural English text, thus preserving literary devices, metaphors and word choices that give structure and provide meaningful connections between different passages.
At the same time, the translation adopts a more dynamic approach when the literal English equivalent would be too obscure or archaic for readers to fully understand. The result is a translation that is both exegetically accurate and idiomatically powerful, making it eminently suitable for both private and public use.
About the Author
Premier Christian Communications Ltd is a multi-media organization with an audience of over a million per week. It exists to enable people to put faith at the heart of daily life.

Most of the translators involved in this work are scholars working in theological colleges or universities, and all have written books and/or specialist articles regarding the particular books of the Bible that they helped to translate.
They represent a rich variety of theological and denominational backgrounds, united by the common conviction that the Bible is God’s Word and that all people should have a translation of scripture that they can readily understand.
Press Reviews

‘If you’ve read one Bible translation for some time, I recommend trying the new Anglicised NLT for a refreshing change. It’s an easy read with trusted scholarship supporting it.’

- Amy Boucher Pye, editor of the Woman Alive book club

'Combining accuracy with elegance and accessibility, and drawing on the best textual scholarship to help shed light on difficult passages, this new Anglicized edition of the NLT is one of the most readable and reliable translations of the Bible available today.'

- Revd Dr Emma Ineson, Principal of Trinity College, Bristol

'Whether reflecting on the scriptures quietly or reading them aloud in a group, the lively language of the NLT is arresting and much to be recommended. This new edition from SPCK will surely help to bring greater clarity, depth and vibrancy to everyone’s experience of God's word!'

- Eleanor Mumford, founder of Vineyard Churches, UK and Ireland

'The NLT was put together by a dream team of scholars and linguists and gives us a Bible that is thoroughly reliable and eminently readable. It allows the Scriptures to speak with fresh vitality.'

- John Ortberg, author, speaker, and Senior Pastor of Menlo Church, San Francisco, California

‘The Bible is such a gift from God that Christians over generations have worked diligently and creatively to provide translations that are faithful to the original manuscripts and speak in new and dynamic ways. The NLT does exactly that in communicating life and hope.’

- Revd Professor David Wilkinson, FRAS, Principal of St John’s College, Durham

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