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Publication Date: 24 Sep 2015
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780281074532

Holy Bible: Confirmation Gift Edition

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Acclaimed by both biblical scholars and general readers as the most reliable English Bible available, the New Revised Standard Version follows in the great tradition of the King James Version in being true to the original meaning of the text, while presenting it in a style that speaks powerfully to contemporary readers of all religious backgrounds.

This Confirmation Gift Edition contains a helpful introduction covering topics such as: What is confirmation?; Continuing in the Christian life post-confirmation; An overview of the Bible; Ways of reading the Bible; A list of key passages and characters and where to find help. The introduction further includes a selection of encouraging prayers and meditations on Christian life and worship, including special occasions in the Church year.
Press Reviews

· The NRSV is my first choice, both for my college classes and for my own study and devotion. The careful scholarship of the translation, the generosity of the pronouns, and the invaluable textual notations make this translation my most trusted friend in preaching, teaching, worship and prayer.’

· I’m glad to have a variety of translations available for Bible reading – but when I want to do serious Bible study, I always consult the NRSV. It avoids the theological prejudice I sense in some translations, drawing from a broadly ecumenical group of top-notch scholars.

I view the NRSV translation to be the finest English Bible we have today. Its scholarship is impeccable. The English is accurate, approachable, and readable. I recommend it highly.

- Richard J. Foster

The best, simply the best.

- John Dominic Crossan

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