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Publication Date: 22 Nov 1990
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Page Count: 112
Author: David Van Daalen
ISBN-13: 9780281045020

A Guide to Galatians

By David Van Daalen
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Paul's letter to the Galatians is one of the earliest writings of the New Testament and, though short, it is one of the most important. In responding to the situation in the Galatian churches Paul brought out the deeper significance of events and people's reactions to them. His letter is not just an interesting historical document from which we can learn something about a small part of history of the early Church; it has a lasting significance for our own lives and lessons we must apply in our own churches. This guide offers detailed interpretation and commentary on the bible narrative which is supported by notes on the historical and literary background, and on the importance of Paul's letter to the Galations. Study material includes suggestions for research and discussion.

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