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Publication Date: 19 Jan 2017
Publisher: Sheldon Press
ISBN-13: 9781847094490, 9781847094506

Eating Disorder Recovery

A practical guide
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ISBN: 9781847094490
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ISBN: 9781847094506
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An eating disorder often develops as a coping mechanism for life, offering a distorted sense of control and predictability. Eating disordered behaviours can also be a way of communicating emotions that are otherwise difficult to express. This book aims to help people identify and cope with the hidden meanings behind an eating disorder. Using practical exercises and worksheets, it explores the unrealistic and distorted beliefs and needs that may drive an eating disorder, such as the need for security, and for sympathy and care from other people. Topics include:

· Eating disorder comorbidities – obsessive behaviour, rituals and compulsions, depression
· Identity – self-acceptance, understanding your personality, feeling worthy, assertiveness and the inner child
· Unhelpful thinking styles – challenging negative thoughts, positive self-talk
· Social aspects of eating disorders – relationships, family roles, in the workplace
· Recovery – what it involves, readiness to change
· Treatment – counselling, cognitive analytical therapy (CAT), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mirror therapy, art therapy, animal therapy, writing for recovery Self-help tools – problem-solving skills, mood boards and photo therapy, relaxation, mindfulness, music Practical advice – restarting normal eating, Help for Food Addictions and Comfort binge eating, mindful eating, coming off laxatives Maintaining recovery Beyond the eating disorder – looking to the future
About the Author
Nicola Davies is a health psychologist and counsellor. She has written best practice guidelines for the British Psychological Society, the Department of Health and the Royal College of Nursing, and has contributed articles to 125 magazines worldwide. Emma Bacon runs an Eating Disorder Support Service, BalancED MK, set up after her own recovery from anorexia and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). She has appeared on GMTV, Lorraine Kelly, local newspapers, and radio.

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