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Publication Date: 21 Jul 2016
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Words: 25000
Page Count: 96
Author: Dawn Harper
ISBN-13: 9781847093936, 9781847093981

Dr Dawn's Guide to Toddler Health

By Dawn Harper
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ISBN: 9781847093936
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Your child’s world broadens as she becomes more mobile and vocal, and attends nursery or playgroup. In this book, designed to follow on from Dr Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, Dr Dawn guides you through the changes you will notice in the next three years, and helps you stay one step ahead in your child’s expanding world. She explains how to foster your child’s growing independence in eating, dressing, and bathing, while keeping him or her safe and well. It also covers illness, along with warning signs and symptoms for more serious conditions such as meningitis, and when to see a doctor. It’s also the era of tantrums and toilet training, so there’s advice on that too. Other topics include:
Development including language
Nutrition and healthy eating
Sleeping and moving from cot to bed
Bathing, toileting and hygiene
Travelling with your toddler
Developmental checks and milestones
Vaccinations and why it’s vital to have them
A to Z of toddler ailments
Medicines and first aid
Toddler safety
About the Author
Dr Dawn Harper is a media doctor on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies programme, and a resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning. Dr Harper trained at Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School in London and worked in hospital specialities for several years. As a part-time GP in Gloucestershire, she has a particular interest in women’s health, preventative medicine and weight management.
Press Reviews

These two books 'Guide to Baby's First Year and Guide to Toddler Health' are all you need when you have your first baby. They are books of complete knowledge for new mums and dads and cover everything you would need to know as a new parent. They are both fantastic guides and presented comfortably light in paperback with not too many pages which makes them easy to carry around. They would also make ideal gifts for friends or family who are expecting their first child.

- Clarrisa

I would definitely recommend every parent to be or new parent buy this book. It would also make a brilliant book for any parents to be.

- Being Mrs. Davies

Dr Dawn’s Guide To Toddler Health is a friendly, informative guide that will help to put parents’ minds at ease, while also enabling them to be vigilant for more serious illnesses – as well as talking them through the challenges toddlerhood. In short – a must-have for any parents’ bookshelf.

- The Speedbump

I would definitely recommend both books to other parents, they are clear and consise and easy to read, and offer up-to-date and practical advice. The text is broken up with relevant headings and bullet points and the index section allows the reader to just find certain information if need be.

- Sensory senstive Mummy (blog)

I’d definitely recommend Dr. Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health to anyone like me who is somewhat clueless about having a toddler and needs a go-to guide for reassurance every now and again.

- Jules, Pondering Parent Hood

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