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Publication Date: 18 Jun 2015
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Author: Dawn Harper
ISBN-13: 9781847093585, 9781847093592

Dr Dawn's Guide to Heart Health

By Dawn Harper
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ISBN: 9781847093585
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ISBN: 9781847093592
This book is a one stop shop for all things cardiac. Starting with a lucid explanation of the anatomy of the cardiovascular system, it covers everything from high blood pressure and raised cholesterol to angina and heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms, disease of the valves of the heart, and diseases of the peripheral blood vessels. Who is at risk, and what you can do to reduce your risks, are also covered along with advice on lifestyle factors and realistic tips on how to help yourself. Dr Dawn also examines medical tests and examinations, when they may be necessary, and exactly what they’re looking for.
About the Author
Dr Dawn Harper is a media doctor on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies programme, and a resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning. Dr Harper trained at Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School in London and worked in hospital specialities for several years. As a part-time GP in Gloucestershire, she has a particular interest in women’s health, preventative medicine and weight management.

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