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Publication Date: 18 Nov 2010
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 160
Author: Windy Dryden
ISBN-13: 9781847091024, 9781847091642

Coping with Envy

By Windy Dryden
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ISBN: 9781847091024
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ISBN: 9781847091642
Envy can be a surprising dynamic in close relationships. Sometimes this is positive and may energise people so that they accomplish more than they would otherwise have - the urge to prove oneself to one's nearest and dearest can result in great personal fulfilment. However, carried too far, there's little doubt that envy causes many unwanted and unnecessary emotions, and interferes with everyday life, its achievements, accomplishments, and gifts. This book looks at envy as a force that can be directed to constructive effect. It explains how to use envy to motivate yourself and to accomplish your own personal goals; it also gives directions on how to recognise when enough is enough and you need to get off the envy train! It also explores what to do when someone close envies you - how far it's valuable to confront the person directly, and if so, the kinds of points you may want to make while airing the topic in conversation. Overall, the focus is on acceptance and integration rather than eradication.
About the Author
Windy Dryden is Sheldon's leading author on psychological and counselling topics, and one of the world's most renowned CBT therapists. He is Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths College, London, and author of more than 150 books.

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