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Publication Date: 10 Dec 2015
Format: eBook
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Author: Caroline Latham
ISBN-13: 9781847094087


By Caroline Latham
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Compassion can be viewed as the foundation for emotional healing, and can be used when we're struggling with feelings of inadequacy, despair, confusion, and other forms of stress. Mindful compassion means responding with kindness and understanding to all circumstances. Mindfulness means holding difficult emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, shame and self-doubt, without judgment or the obligation to act upon them. Compassion involves using negative emotions as fodder for transformation. Topics include:

- the blocks we all indulge, such as fear of change
- destructive emotions and thought patterns
- why we may become addicted to negative thinking
- solutions and practices
- calling on your inner power and intuition
- how to meditate
- visualisation exercises
- losing shame and guilt - self-forgiveness
- transforming words – ‘I should’ into ‘I choose’
- compassionate motivation and power
- resolving family traumas
About the Author
Caroline Latham is the author of four books and is currently writing her fifth. She has been a therapist, healer and coach for nearly three decades, both treating individuals from across the globe and running workshops internationally. Caroline has worked with a huge range of clients, has set up a charity ( and has run mindfulness groups for over twenty years. Her ‘Common Sense Therapy’ accesses the root of clients’ emotional blocks, and helps to alleviate suffering.
Her aim is to benefit those she helps as much as possible.
Press Reviews

Sheldon Press is too often overlooked. Their 'Mindfulness' series is topical and helpful. Broadly based and drawing on the wisdom of various religions, its treatment of 'Compassion' is a joy. It's practical and, as Brian Blessed roars from the cover, 'spiritually haunting'. Heaves knows we need to increase in compassion.

- Eddie Olliffe

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