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Publication Date: 18 Nov 2010
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 128
Author: J. Hubert Lacey
ISBN-13: 9781847090355

Bulimia, Binge-eating and Their Treatment

By J. Hubert Lacey
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Professor J. Hubert Lacey says that understanding the factors that cause and maintain eating disorders is crucial. This expert guide presents a specialised treatment programme designed to help people who want to stop binge-eating and get on with their lives. Bulimia is on the increase, affecting women and men, and is primarily a psychological condition rooted in low self-esteem and depression. Other symptoms include weight fluctuations and irregular periods, and complications can be life-threatening, from rupture of the stomach to heart attack. The good news is that bulimia is highly treatable. Bulimia, Binge-Eating and their Treatment, whose lead author is the pioneering expert in the field, gives the latest thinking and advice on this sensitive subject.
About the Author
Professor J. Hubert Lacey is Professor of Psychiatry at St George's, University of London, and president of the European Committee of Eating Disorders. He gave the first clinical description of bulimia nervosa and is lead author of Overcoming Anorexia, Sheldon Press 2007. Dr Bryony Bamford is a research psychologist and Amy Brown is a clinical researcher specializing in eating disorders at St George's, University of London.

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