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Publication Date: 15 Feb 2018
Publisher: Sheldon Press
Page Count: 320
Author: Kay Toon|Carolyn Ainscough
ISBN-13: 9780281079964, 9781847094650, 9781847094667

Breaking Free

Help For Survivors Of Child Sexual Abuse
By Kay Toon, Carolyn Ainscough
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ISBN: 9781847094650
ISBN: 9781847094667
This classic book has helped many thousands of people to manage the impact that childhood sexual abuse has had on their lives. The positive and optimistic approach continues to empower survivors to break free from the past.

This new edition by clinical psychologist Kay Toon now refers to types of abuse that have come to light more recently, such as street exploitation, and abuse by celebrities, politicians and football coaches, as well as the use of digital technology to groom children and young people.

Breaking Free is regularly recommended by agony aunts and therapists. A Department of Health project provided copies of Breaking Free and the Breaking Free Workbook to NHS Mental Health Provider Trusts.

‘The voice of the cowed, betrayed and helpless sexually abused child speaks powerfully throughout this book.’
British Journal of Psychiatry

‘The way the book instils hope is inspiring’
Journal of Social Work Practice

‘This book will be enormously helpful to those who have endured sexual abuse.’
Nursing Times
About the Author
Kay Toon recently retired as a clinical psychologist. The late Carolyn Ainscough (d 2000)was a clinical psychologist.

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