The Search for Spirituality

The Search for Spirituality

Richard Rohr’s highly anticipated book, Just This, will be available in June.

From one of the great spiritual writers of our time, Just This is bursting with wisdom but remains easy to read. On top of Rohr’s new book, his previous releases are getting dressed up with new covers! Collectors out there will want this set on their shelves.

Just This

Appreciate every day.

Just This is a perfect travelling companion, offering readers a collection of brief but evocative meditations. As the title suggests, it’s all about learning to appreciate the little moments in life. Rohr invites you to wake up and appreciate the beauty of the ordinary. In a world where everyone forgets to stop, Just This reminds you to do just that.

Falling Upward

Loss is gain.

We learn more from our failures than our successes. In Falling Upward, readers are presented with surprising insight into some of life’s biggest mysteries. Drawing from epic poems, religious texts, and great minds, Rohr looks into how those who have ‘fallen’ are the ones who best understand what it means to be ‘up’. Embark on a voyage towards healthy spiritual maturity. Falling Upward’s new cover features the perfect symbolism for its title.

Immortal Diamond

The search for our true self.

What is the False Self? Rohr compares the ‘true self’ to a diamond deep inside us, which must be uprooted from beneath the ego hiding it. In Immortal Diamond, readers will find a staggering new perspective as Rohr shares what true faith should look like.

Breathing Under Water

Overcoming addictions.

We all have addictions. Breathing Under Water puts you on the path of redemption as Rohr guides readers on a journey that begins with powerlessness and ends in transformation. This book will open readers’ eyes to the gospel principles in the Twelve Steps that can free anyone from addiction, from alcohol to less visible missteps that everyone is guilty of. Identify your compulsions and overcome them through God’s grace.

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